Ain't It Cool News
More From Cinema Paradise Festival
by Albert Lanier

FIVE SIDES OF A COIN is an almost encyclopedic history of Rap music and the hip-hop culture that 
goes along with it. Divided into different chapters, FIVE SIDES ably spans the history of one of the 
most influential forms of music in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first.

 Whether it's charting Rap's origins in the styles of performers like James Brown (who was rapping 
before the term and the music existed) and the music's birthplace in the borough of the Bronx in 
New York City and moving forward to look at specific aspects of the music such as Beatboxing, the 
role of the DJ in spinning and scratching records, MC's rocking the mike as well as the impact of 
hip-hop cultural activities such a breaking; FIVE SIDES OF A COIN is worth a look.

FIVE SIDES--directed by Paul Kell--ended the festival day on an energetic note.